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Please Note: The register is currently non operational

There are many Irish women with epilepsy like you who are of childbearing age and take anti-epileptic drugs. Information about you, your pregnancy, your epilepsy and your anti-epileptic medications can be used to help determine the safety of different anti-epileptic drugs in pregnancy. Doctors continue to require more information on the effects of anti-epileptic drugs on pregnancy.

By enrolling as many pregnant women in the Register as possible, you are helping doctors find the safest anti-epileptic drug for babies’ health during pregnancy. It is easy to enrol and every enrolled woman’s information is very important to us.

The Irish Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register is run and monitored by Dr Norman Delanty, Consultant Neurologist in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. All information provided to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

To register please click below to print out your Patient Information Sheet, Registration Form and Consent Forms. Return completed Registration Form together with 2 signed and dated Consent Forms to the address at the end of the Registration form.
(Depending on who is registering your pregnancy, there is one form for patient self registration and a separate form for health professional’s to complete).

Patient Information Sheet

Patient Self Registration Form

Patient Consent Form


GP or health care professional Registration Form

GP or health care professional Information Sheet


If you would like to register your pregnancy by phone or would like to talk to a health care professional in confidence about your registration, please call

                                    Freephone: 1800 320 820

If you would like general information or advice about planning for a family, or about epilepsy and pregnancy you can contact us in confidence via the freephone line. As we are an advice line we are unable to prescribe or manage your anti-epileptic drugs. Please discuss your specific anti-epileptic drug treatment and management with your Neurologist or Health Care Provider.



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